09 Sep 2024, 09:00-
Palazzo R, Strada 7, Via Gran S. Bernardo, 20089 - Rozzano, Italy

Final event LOLABAT

The event marks the culmination of the project and offers a prime opportunity for collaboration in battery innovation.

The final event of the EU-funded LOLABAT project, which focuses on developing a new generation of powerful, rechargeable nickel-zinc batteries, will be held on September 9, 2024, at 9:00 AM at RINA Consulting in Milan (Palazzo R, Strada 7, Via Gran S. Bernardo, 20089 Rozzano).

LOLABAT aims to address Europe’s urgent need for energy security, autonomy, and sustainability by creating a battery that combines high energy and power densities with low costs. This environmentally friendly technology leverages abundant, non-toxic raw materials and offers high recycling potential. The project unites 17 partners from seven European countries, forming a strong and complementary consortium.

The event will feature a series of roundtable discussions on various themes related to battery innovation and energy sustainability. The agenda outlines the initial topics, but final concepts wil be defined based on the interests of registered projects. Participants will showcase their project’s roll-up and distribute materials to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Interested parties should contact the event coordinator (nora.ganzinelli@rina.org) by June 15 to confirm their participation or express interest from their partners.

For further details please contact:

  • Nora GANZINELLI: nora.ganzinelli@rina.org
  • Cristina PARIGI: cristina.parigi@trainee.rina.org
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