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Project GR4FITE3 takes center stage at Enlit Europe 2023

30 November 2023 — The GR4FITE3 project made a notable debut at the Enlit Europe 2023 conference, a prominent gathering in the energy sector.

Enlit Europe 2023 provided a dynamic platform for the introduction of our project to a diverse audience. The conference, encompassing a wide array of topics, discussions, and presentations, served as a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of the energy sector.

GR4FITE3 Highlights in Key Sessions

Nora Ganzinelli, the project’s coordinator from RINA-C, presented GR4FITE3 in two impactful sessions:

  • Large and Small Scale Storage Technologies (Nov. 28, European Project Zone): the session tackled storage technologies at transmission and distribution levels, positioning GR4FITE3 alongside projects like SINNOGENES, AGISTIN, ZHENIT, i-STENTORE, and FlexCHESS. The session’s moderator, Patrick Clarens (Secretary General, European Association for Storage of Energy -EASE), underscored the project’s potential to decrease Europe’s reliance on external markets for battery production.
  • Energy Storage – The Projects (Nov. 29, Energy Storage Hub): focused on diverse energy storage projects, this session showcased GR4FITE3 as a standout case study supporting decarbonization efforts.

The coordinator’s presentations in the sessions and at the stand (New Projects Pavillion) not only showcased GR4FITE3 but also sparked engaging conversations about its potential impact on reshaping Europe’s battery production landscape.

Navigating the early stages of the project, GR4FITE3 is invigorated by the positive reception and interest generated at Enlit Europe.

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